While PSA Catches up on some of our older orders, we are temporarily pausing submissions on the following levels: 20 day & Value (Ultra-Modern/Modern/Vintage/TCG). These will be reactivated once more progress is made.

PSA is working hard on the backlog and we hope to open these levels back up soon.

Please check the PSA FAQ for current turnaround times

Submissions are dropped off at PSA every Friday. Cards are due by Tuesday for same week submission. When your cards are back and ready for pickup, we will contact you. Become a site member to follow your submission on our "PSA Sub Tracker."

If this is your first time submitting, please read the PSA FAQ before submitting.


You must submit a written form or file of the cards you are submitting using the form below. You are welcome to attach a document with the requested info if you do not wish to write them all in the Card Submission box (please just write "see attached document"). This is a great way to keep track of what you submitted and helps us verify your submission.​ PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CARDS IN YOUR PHYSICAL SUBMISSION IS IN THE SAME ORDER AS ON THE FORM.


When filling out the form:

    • Please put all info for a card on the same line ​

    • Do not include any symbols or punctuation such as #   " "   ( )    ,   .  -  No.

    • Please write the full year 1987 not 87

    • For Basketball and Hockey "2019-20" should be entered as "2019"

    • You do NOT need to write the word "BASE" if the card is a base card, or RC for Rookie Card

    • Please do not use abbreviations like "Ref."  Please fully spell "Refractor" Use players name as it appears on the card.

  • Here is an example:

Disclaimer: When submissions are checked in at PSA, the clock starts on that order, not when you drop them off with us. This can happen 1-14 business days after our we drop off.  Even though they give us priority as a partner, check-in is at their discretion.  All submission times are in business days. PSA does not offer discounts on late orders. Once the submissions are checked in at PSA, we can't get them back until the order is complete. You can follow the progress of your order on the PSA sub tracker. 

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