Here is the info on our PSA Pricing and our new submission form. We will be hand delivering orders to PSA every other Friday.

Submission Levels and Pricing:

  • Bulk Value - No Guaranteed Turnaround Date (Average 90 days) Card Value up to $99 - $10/card

  • Value "30 day" Service (Current Average 35-45 Business Days) Card Value up to $199 - $15/card

  • Regular 20 day Service (Average 20 Business Days) Card Value up to $499 - $20/card

  • Express 8 day Service (8 Business Days) Card Value up to $999 - $50/card

Submission Requirements:

  • Cards must be brought in by Tuesday to go out on the same Friday to allow time for submission paperwork and processing

  • All submissions are to be paid for upfront. Payment can be made in-store or via PayPal (Please leave PSA Submission in the notes).

  • Please bring a printed copy of your online submission to the store so that your total can be easily calculated.

  • We accept cards in toploaders and card savers only.​  No one-touch magnets please.

  • We do not accept cards that are sealed by tape or sticker. Please remove before submitting. If you need to use it for shipping you can. Please do so sparingly. 

  • We do not accept cards that are individually placed in team bags. Please take the cards out before submitting

  • We do not look over or clean your cards (We will be offering a cleaning service for this soon)

  • Your Cards are subject to an additional "upcharge" fee from PSA depending of how much the card is worth after grading.  You are responsible for paying that charge. Cards will not be returned to the owner until that fee is paid. If you believe your card will be valued over $299 as a PSA 10, please submit in the regular submission level or above.

  • You must submit a written form or file of the cards you are submitting using the form below. You are welcome to attach a document with the requested info if you do not wish to write them all in the Card Submission box (please just write "see attached document"). 

  • Return Shipping and Insurance are available at an additional cost based on # of cards and value after grading.

  • Drop off and in-store pickup are free

  • If you are mailing your cards to us, please write PSA Sub on the package

  • If you have any questions about your order or this form please contact Tai on Instagram @tfizzle_cards or via email bullpenLA(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Filling out the form tips and tricks:

    • Please put all info for a card on the same line ​

    • Do not include any "#" "()" or "."

    • Please write the full year 1987 not 87

    • For Basketball and Hockey 2019-10 should be entered as 2019

    • The value of the card is value graded

    • Please do not use abbreviations like "Ref."  Please fully spell "Refractor"

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