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  • Walk Through 

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 2 Business Days

    •  Value up to $9999

    •  Service Pricing: $510/card, Dual $715/card

  • Super Express 

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 5 Business Days 

    • Card Value up to $4999 

    • Service Pricing: $259/card, Dual $3355/card

  • Express 

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 10 Business Days 

    • Card Value up to $2499

    • Service Pricing: $139/card, Dual $200/card

  • Regular

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 10 Business Days 

    • Card Value up to $1499

    • Service Pricing: $75/card, Dual $99/card

  • Value Plus 

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 20-25 Business Days 

    • Card Values up to $499

    • Service Pricing: $40/card, Dual $50/card

  • Value

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 65 Business Days 

    • Card Values up to $499

    • Service Pricing: $25/card, Dual $35/card

  • Value Bulk (Minimum 20 Cards)

    • Approximate Turnaround Time 65 Business Days 

    • Card Values up to $499

    • Service Pricing: $20/card, Dual $30/card

Are you a group sub?

No. We are a PSA submission service. Your cards are NOT lumped into an order with several peoples cards. Every client's cards get their own individual order.

Why use a submission service?

The peace of mind that your cards won't get lost in the mail. Saving on shipping & Insurance to and from PSA.




How do I submit my cards?

First you fill out the form on the PSA SUB Page which includes your contact info and a list of the cards you are submitting. Then you drop off your cards at one of our Bullpen Sports shops: Bullpen HQ or Bullpen Burbank. We are no longer accepting mail in submissions.

What should my submission look like?

  • First, fill our the form on the Submit to PSA Page.

  • Organize your cards in the order of your Form submission.

  • DO NOT seal your cards with tape or a sticker. Please remove before submitting.

  • DO NOT put your cards in individual team bags. We have to take them ALL out. Please take the cards out before submitting.

When are cards due to go out same week?

Cards must be dropped off at the shop by end of day THURSDAY to go out the same week. All orders are hand delivered to PSA HQ.

I dropped off my cards at The Bullpen, now what?

We catalogue and process your submission then hand deliver it to PSA on Friday. 

When do cards get dropped off at PSA and what happens next?

You should have received and email with a submission ID number, which will allow you to track your submission through the PSA process. If you have not received your email, please check your spam. If you have any further questions, please call the shop or email

When and how do I pay?

You pay when your cards are picked up from PSA and back in the shop. Cash, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal are accepted.

How long do I have to pick up my cards?

You have 90 days from when we first contact you to pick up your cards. Exceptions can be made, just please reach out beforehand. If cards not picked up within the 90 day period, your give up right of ownership of the card(s) to the shop.

What is an "Upcharge" and Why was I charged it?

If your card at the grade it receives is valued at more then the level at which you submitted, PSA can "upcharge" the card to the level that reflects the price. For example, if you submit a card at the value level (which is cards up to $499) and the card is worth $1,999 as a PSA 10, they will charge the Express Price. We have no control over this and you are responsible for these charges on your orders. To avoid upcharges, please submit your cards at the correct level for their value.

Do you evaluate or clean cards?

Unsure what to submit? Our expert staff can help you decide. ​

We do not clean cards.

Do you crack slabs?


For all submission inquiries

We will answer your questions by email or call the shop 310-648-8168 

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