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Don't know which cards to grade? 

We have a solution for you, Bullpen Card Review (BCR).

Bullpen Card Review is an inexpensive way to get a comprehensive second opinion on a card's condition and get a definitive opinion on if it should be submitted to be graded.

BCR Criteria:

We judge a cards condition based upon four criteria: corners, surface, edges, and centering. Every card submitted to BCR comes with a review sheet detailing the potential imperfections on the front and back of the card. 


Pass/Fail Method:

We DO NOT assign your card a traditional numerical 1-10 grade like grading companies do. Based on the condition of the card and potential value added by grading. We will decide if it is more beneficial to grade the card or not. 


Autograph Grade:

If the card is autographed, we will review the autograph for free. Our criteria for the autograph includes smudges, streaks, and if it runs off the card or sticker. 


Service Levels: 

Next Day: $20/Card 

4 Days: $10/Card 

7 Days: $5/Card 

Bulk Discount: 20% off, 20 card minimum


BCR Discounts For Bullpen PSA Submissions: 

All Value Services: $1 off/card

Regular Service: $2 off/card

Express & Walk Through Services: $5 off/card

Note: Cards must be sealed with BCR Sticker to be eligible for discount

BCR launches at Trade Fest 11/10/23. 

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